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Canon EOS 7D

Canon 7D getitdigital review page

It’s not meant to be a replacement for the 50D but more of a middle ground between the 5D Mark II and the Canon 50D.  A big addition are the HD Movie capabilities which are quite astounding.

getitdigital review 7D T2i comparison2
NEW FIRMWARE UPDATE AVAILABLE FROM CANON FOR THE CANON EOS 7D Digital SLR! Click Here For Information and to Download.


getitdigital review featured D300s vs EOS 7Dgetitdigital review: Nikon D300s vs. Canon EOS 7D Full Feature and HD Video Comparison
These two cameras represent the pro-sumer, mid-level workhorse cameras of their respective manufacturers’. This seems like a fair comparison to us and that’s just what we did; We compared them in full HD video style. Watch It Here!


getitdigital reviews on the Canon EOS 7D


Hot New Comparison Review! Canon T2i (550D) vs. Canon 7D

We pit the new comer (T2i) against the champ. See the results Here!


Hot New Video and Post: Canon EOS 5D Mark II vs. Canon EOS 7D head to head comparison

These cameras in many ways are worlds apart yet based on our analysis of thousands of customers’ buying patterns, it seems many people are on the fence regarding the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 7D. We’ve decided to pit them against each other to assist people in their purchasing decision. Check it out HERE!


getitdigital review: We take the Canon EOS 7D on an exciting look at one of the best Antique and Furniture Stores in NY.

Follow This Link for the Post and the Video!


Canon 5 Camera Review

We compare 5 Canon Cameras in 5 categories. Check out the exciting results!


Open and Look


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