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getitdigital review: A Neat trick…

July 23, 2010

This is part of the getitdigital review blog tips and tricks section that hopefully will assist you in taking better pictures:

getitdigital review neat trickHave you ever seen those pictures where the subject seems frozen amidst a blurred background. Have you ever wondered how to get that effect? It’s not Photoshop. Rather, it is a basic principal of photography at work here. When shutter speed is increased, the subject becomes frozen  and by panning the camera along with the subject the background then blurs.  The only issue with this is how fast do you have to set the shutter speed in order to accomplish this effect? Sure, pro photographers know at a glance how fast the subject is moving and how quick the shutter speed needs to be. What if you’re not a pro? What if you don’t have that intuitive sense of exposure?

All is not lost! You can try this simple trick. Set the camera on continuous shooting and pan with your moving subject. On a camera like the Nikon D300s, that translates in to a 7fps (frames per second) burst. When using this technique, you’ll notice that some of the photos have a blurry subject as well. That’s because the camera’s focus was not perfectly tuned at that point, but somewhere in those 15 or so pictures you’ve just fired off will be your gem. That crystal clear subject with a beautifully blurred background. Hope this helps!

Happy Shooting!

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