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getitdigital review: That time of Day Again!

July 5, 2010

This is part of the getitdigital review Tips and Tricks section which has been created in order to assist you in getting better pictures.

As the Fourth of July was approaching, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to grab my camera, family (not in that order; Family comes first after all ūüôā ) and head down to watch the fireworks from the lovely environs of Redhook, Brooklyn. The fireworks did not come off. This year NYC had decided to launch them on the West Side only and give New Jersey natives the benefit to the of the display instead of ¬†the tax paying New Yorkers. But that’s a different story for later and perhaps another blog.

The point of this article is to demonstrate the value of shooting at the right time of day. The physics behind it are relatively simple. During midday, the suns light have a more direct path through the atmosphere and therefore appear as white light. All of the colors of the spectrum are fused together in to one blindingly bright beam. at sun up or at sundown, the rays are broken in to wonderful colors the likes of which a Crayola set have never had. Beautifully distinguished hues are a hallmark of these times of day and a photographer knows that they should take advantage of them. Just ask any pro when the best time to shoot is.

The images that follow should serve as an example as to why you should always take the time of day in to consideration when going out to shoot.

getitdigital review sunset 10

getitdigital review sunset 1

getitdigital review sunset 3

getitdigital review sunset 8

getitdigital review sunset 7

Just a few more things to keep in mind. The first is that you’ll have to boost your ISO setting quite a bit as it gets darker so you’ll have to live with grainier pictures. Leaving the shutter open at night means you’ll need to bring a tripod along. OH, one last thing, if it’s the summer don’t forget the bug spray!

Happy Shooting!

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